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Wednesday Jul 24th     2:44 AM PDT                                  

LDAP: installation

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Written by Greg King Friday, 28 November 2014 00:00

DISCLAIMER: This document is nothing more than the musings of the author as he attempts to perform the stated tasks. Conclusions and approaches might very well be incorrect, inefficient or outside of professionally accepted best practices. Use this documentation at your own risk.

In this documentation, screen outputs will be presented in green. Where keyboard input is required, the prompt will be as follows: # means you should enter this from the super user prompt, $ means you should be as a non-super user. command is the command you should type at the prompt.

#ls -al

means you should type ls -al at the super user prompt.

The software described in this section is available from the OBTAINING SOFTWARE section of this website.

Unzip the
ofm_odsee_pkg_sun_sparc_11. file to /var/tmp
also mount your Solaris 10 product DVD to /mnt

If you installed a jumpstart server, your Solaris 10 product is already on your hard drive at /jumpstart/sparc/Solaris_10/Product

There are quite a few pre-requisites for the LDAP software.  Check if the following packages are installed with # pkginfo <PACKAGE>
SUNWsasl SUNWcacaort SUNWj6rtx SUNWj6rt
SUNWjdmk-runtime SUNWjdmk-runtime-jmx SUNWldapcsdk-libs SUNWprd
SUNWtlsd SUNWhea SUNWldapcsdk-dev SUNWldapcsdk-tools
SUNWljdk SUNWjaf
These packages are needed for APACHE
SUNWaclg SUNWapch2r SUNWapch2d SUNWapchr
SUNWapchu SUNWapchd SUNWapch2u
JDK 1.4 needs SUNWj3rt and SUNWj3dev and Tomcat needs SUNWtcatr and SUNWtcatu

Only execute the package installations you need.

pkgadd -d /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution/SunOS5.10 SUNWsasl
pkgadd -d /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution SUNWcacaort
pkgadd -d /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution SUNWj6rt

pkgadd -d /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution SUNWj6rtx
pkgadd -d /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution SUNWjdmk-runtime
pkgadd -d /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution SUNWjdmk-runtime-jmx

pkgadd -d /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution SUNWldapcsdk-libs
pkgadd -d /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution SUNWldapcsdk-dev
pkgadd -d /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution SUNWldapcsdk-tools
pkgadd -d /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution SUNWljdk

pkgadd -d /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution SUNWmfwk-rt   ignore the warning about the 5 missing packages
pkgadd -d /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution SUNWmfwk-rt

The remaining packages mentioned in the tables above are available from the SOLARIS 10 DVD product directory.

pkgadd -d /jumpstart/sparc/Solaris10/product SUNWaclg

Apache is not needed for LDAP, but tomcat is.  You can optionally skip the apache installation. If you install Apache, you only need v2 (recommended) or v1, not both!

-------  this installs apache v2 product (optional)
pkgadd -d /jumpstart/sparc/Solaris10/product SUNWapch2r
pkgadd -d /jumpstart/sparc/Solaris10/product SUNWapch2u
pkgadd -d /jumpstart/sparc/Solaris10/product SUNWapch2u
pkgadd -d /jumpstart/sparc/Solaris10/product SUNWapch2d

--- this installs apache v1 product (optional)
pkgadd -d /jumpstart/sparc/Solaris10/product SUNWapchr
pkgadd -d /jumpstart/sparc/Solaris10/product SUNWapchu
pkgadd -d /jumpstart/sparc/Solaris10/product SUNWapchd

pkgadd -d /jumpstart/sparc/Solaris10/product SUNWj3rt
pkgadd -d /jumpstart/sparc/Solaris10/product SUNWj3dev

--- this installs tomcat, needed for web gui
pkgadd -d /jumpstart/sparc/Solaris10/product SUNWtcatr
pkgadd -d /jumpstart/sparc/Solaris10/product SUNWtcatu

pkgadd -d /jumpstart/sparc/Solaris10/product SUNWj6dvx
pkgadd -d /jumpstart/sparc/Solaris10/product SUNWj6dmx


To see if you have a patch, use the showrev -p function and grep on the patch name (not revision)
If you get a response, you have the patch in question, if not, you need to install it.  I will provide the patch ID's you need, and the location if you don't have it.Note that the patches have revision numbers associated with them, 119345-xx where xx is the revision, so if the patchadd can't find the patch, verify the version number in your directory.  Don't worry about attempts to install a patch you already have, or attempting to install an older version.  The patchadd software will handle the request appropriately.

patchadd /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution/patches/SunOS5.10/119345-08
patchadd /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution/patches/SunOS5.10/119213-25
patchadd /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution/patches/125358-13

patchadd /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution/patches/SunOS5.10/119810-05
patchadd /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution/patches/125136-23
patchadd /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution/patches/125137-23

patchadd /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution/patches/119044-03
# /usr/sbin/cacaoadm stop
patchadd /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution/patches/123893-25 
patchadd /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution/patches/125444-13

patchadd /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution/patches/136798-05
patchadd /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution/patches/119725-06


Now lets install the actual software!

# cd /var/tmp/ODSEE_PKG_Distribution
pkgadd -d . SUNWdsee7
pkgadd -d . SUNWdsee7-var
pkgadd -d . SUNWdsee7-man

The following needs to be in the superuser's path to install and maintain the LDAP system.

edit /etc/profile and add the following lines.

export PATH

export MANPATH

export JAVA_HOME

save the file and reboot

installation is complete.

it is a good idea to create a flar image of the system with everything installed (after cleaning up /var/tmp).

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