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Saturday May 18th     6:13 PM PDT                                  

Samba as a Windows DC

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Written by Greg King Last Updated on Friday, 12 August 2016 16:30

DISCLAIMER! This document is nothing more than the musings of the author as he attempts to perform the stated tasks.  Conclusions and approaches
may very well be incorrect, inefficient, or otherwise outside of professionally accepted best practices. Use this document at your own risk! In this
document, screen outputs will be presented in green. Where keyboard input is required, the prompt will be in bolded red. # means you should be at the
super user prompt, $ means you should be at an
user prompt. Do not include these prompts in your input! The command to be typed will be
shown in blue.
# ls -al
means you type ls -al at the super user prompt.
a special thanks to the author of the https://www.server-world.info/en/note?os=Debian_8&p=samba&f=4 website which I used for reference in this document. 

The intent of this project is to use my Debian Jessie box as a Windows Domain Controller.  Once complete, I will have my windows 7 systems join the domain and use it for authentication.

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